Our new Citrus with CBD Massage Oil comes in two sizes. Comes in a recyclable aluminum bottle with a convenient pump.  Containing CBD Isolate, it leaves your skin feeling refreshed, smooth and allows for fast absortion of the cannabinoids into the body.


CONTAINS       250ml Bottle  500mg CBD Isolate

                         100ml Bottle   200mg CBD Isolate
Grapeseed Oil,Jojoba Organic Carrier Oil,Canola(Rapeseed) Organic Carrier Oil,Lemon, orange and grapefruit Essential Oil


When inhaled, they impact your olfactory system, which is processed in your brain and can influence your mood. Therefore, you can utilize the following citrus blend essential oil uses for many of your mental health needs:Add grapefruit and lemon essential oils to massage oil to help release toxins from your skin.The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capacities of some citrus essential oils are great for supporting anti-aging on your skin.Citrus oils are a wonderful way to enhance mood and emotional balance. They work on the brain's chemicals and hormones resulting in an improved mood. Let these aromatic oils brighten your mood!Citrus essential oils are known to effectively boost the immune system. Diffuse these fruity essential oils to enjoy an immune boost during cold and flu season. Or use to recover from seasonal illnesses quicker.

Directions: Apply to the skin and rub in until absorbed.

Keep out of reach of children
Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, wash with warm water.
If skin irritation occurs discontinue use, if problems persist consult your doctor.

Just be sure to be aware of which essential oils are phototoxic and avoid using before going in the sun

Citrus Massage Oil with CBD