SOFT GEL CAPSULES 60 Caps @20mg per cap + Vitamin D3


For all-round natural wellbeing, balance and calm, Soft Gel Capsules offer myriad healing properties in one simple daily dose. These palatable capsules are made from a broad-spectrum organic hemp extract, offering far more benefits than traditional single compound formulae.

A gentle extraction process is used to take goodness from the entire cannabis plant, without THC. When taken as two capsules per day, this all-organic ingredient may help to combat inflammation and stress.

The soft gel capsules are enriched with medium-chain capric and caprylic acids using coconut oil, which helps the formula bond to our endocannabinoid systems, promoting better absorption. They have also been fortified with Vitamin B12, helping to maintain healthy nerve and blood cells.

Simply take two capsules with or without water as you prefer. These soft gel capsules provide a simple alternative for those who prefer not to use CBD oil drops. Enjoy better energy levels, brighter skin and a deeper sense of calm with this daily supplement. For peace, relaxation and vitality, all it takes is two capsules.

20mg CBD | THC Free


SOFT GEL CAPSULES 20 mg per cap + Vitamin D3